2023 Academic Scholarship Recipient Meredith Waugh

Meredith Waugh, Appalachian School of Law – $1500 James H. Davis Scholarship + $3500 General Fund Scholarship

I come from Eastern Kentucky in the heart of Appalachia, and energy and mineral law has always seemed like a natural fit. My father and his family were all coal miners, and I have long cherished that history. When coal came under attack in Kentucky, there was a negative impact on my family and families just like it. I have given my all towards the study of this area of the law in hopes to become advocate not just for my family, but for families just like them. This desire to help common Kentucky families who depend on coal makes me believe that my passion will contribute greatly to the industry and to the prosperity of the region.

Prior to law school, I earned a scholarship to play football for the University of the Cumberlands, a beautiful university in Whitley County, Kentucky. Back home, young players and kids would ask me how to break the mold of Eastern Kentucky since coal had left. My answer would always be the same: hard work. It has gotten me further than anything in life, and is something I will preach until the end. Since that time a number of those same kids have went on to earn many accolades and it is my sincere hope that they continue to work hard.

I have taken numerous classes based on natural resources and energy law, and my interest in the subject has grown after each. I have sought to become active in the field as much as possible in my capacity as a student. I attended and participated in the National Energy & Sustainability Moot Court competition at WVU. Each of these experiences will make me a better lawyer in the field, give me greater appreciation for the industry and make the Appalachian region better in every way possible.

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