Committees and Volunteer Opportunities

EMLF welcomes our members to serve on committees that plan the Foundation’s educational offerings and networking events. Committee participation and other volunteer roles offer valuable professional development opportunities. Other ad hoc committees may be convened as necessary.

Unless otherwise noted, the chairs of committees are appointed by the Foundation president in consultation with the Executive Committee.

Contact us today if you are interested in participating.

Executive Committee

Chaired by the Foundation president, the Executive Committee is comprised of the Foundation officers, two immediate past presidents, and seven at-large Board of Trustees members selected by the Nominating Ad Hoc Committee.

Finance Ad Hoc Committee

Chaired by the Treasurer, the Finance Ad Hoc Committee meets as necessary to provide guidance to the Executive Committee on financial matters including periodic audits and other methods of oversight.

Governance Ad Hoc Committee

Convened as necessary to recommend changes to the Foundation’s organizational structure.

Nominating Ad Hoc Committee

Chaired by the immediate past president, the members include the current and future presidents of the Foundation as well as two additional members selected by the immediate past president.

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee is tasked with developing a method to encourage volunteerism, evaluating and expanding the Foundation’s publications, and increasing EMLF’s online footprint.

Publications Subcommittee

The Publications Subcommittee is responsible for examining and improving EMLF’s publications model.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is tasked with creating a plan to engage new members within our current member firms and companies and in less traditional EMLF sectors such as power generation and petrochemicals.

Corporate Member Advisory Council

The Corporate Member Advisory Council consists of representatives from EMLF’s non-law firm or educational members to advise on topics and programming and to strategize methods of developing new members.

Pricing Task Force

Convened in 2020 for the limited purpose of examining pricing structure for membership and conferences and suggesting any necessary changes.

Program Committee

Chaired by the Executive Director with the Vice-President as Vice-Chair, the Program Committee is selected by the Executive Director in consultation with the Executive Committee. The Program Committee oversees all the conference and event planning needs of the Foundation, appointing ad hoc conference committees as necessary, and providing guidance for a comprehensive and cohesive Foundation programming direction.

Alternative Energy Task Force

The Alternative Energy Task Force is tasked with researching and highlighting topics for conferences that would appeal to the alternative energy community.

Networking Event Subcommittee

The Networking Event Subcommittee is tasked with planning networking events at conferences (including both traditional receptions and meals and non-traditional fitness-based and other social activities) and holding regional networking events.

Online Programming Subcommittee

The Online Programming Subcommittee is tasked with overseeing the Foundation’s digital content, including webinars, podcasts, and other online educational delivery channels.

Scholarship Ad Hoc Committee

The Scholarship Ad Hoc Committee meets once per year after having reviewed the scholarship applications to discuss the applicants and recommend the candidates for EMLF scholarships.

Young Professionals Committee

The Young Professionals Committee is made up of members who are less than forty years old or who have been practicing for less than ten years. The YPC is tasked with evaluating barriers to EMLF membership for young professionals and increasing the opportunities for networking, presenting, and writing.

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