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Special Institute on Solar Power

January 26-28, 2021  |  Virtual Event


As the solar industry grows, the universe of legal issues surrounding solar development grows with it. With our clients diversifying and our practices growing- what do lawyers need to know to be successful? Hear from solar energy industry personnel and attorneys focused on solar development on the myriad of legal, financial, and practical considerations for solar power projects.

  • Tuesday Session: General Overview. This session will cover the general technical and legal issues that could arise, and the role of the lawyer. This session is FREE for all attendees.

Take a deeper dive into specific topics on Wednesday, January 27 and Thursday, January 28:

  • Wednesday Morning Session: State and Federal Regulatory Issues and Utility Issues
  • Wednesday Afternoon Session: Land Redevelopment, Title, and Title Insurance
  • Thursday Session: Tax Incentives, State and Local Tax Implications, and Financial Issues

Register for all sessions, or the individual sessions that best serve your interests.

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