Chapter 1: William D. Wilmoth and William J. O’Brien
White Collar Crime with Your Company as the Victim: Conducting a Fraud Investigation

Chapter 2: Amy I. Pandit and Zafar Hasan
Aftermath of the Dodd-Frank Act and Related Implications for Publicly Traded Energy Companies

Chapter 3: C. David Morrison and Robert L. Bailey
Employee Privacy Rights: Employer Monitoring and Investigating Employees’ Electronic Activities and Communications

Chapter 4: Kris D. Meade and Jane Foster
When Does the Department of Labor Consider a Supplier of Energy Products a Federal Contractor or Subcontractor, and Why Should We Care?

Chapter 5: Richard T. Miller
A Mineral Owner’s Implied Rights to Use Surface Property Owned by Others

Chapter 6: Douglas R. Richmond
The Attorney-Client Privilege and Associated Confidentiality Concerns

Chapter 7: Kevin L. Colosimo
Developing Jurisprudence in the Marcellus Shale

Chapter 8: Keith B. Hall
The Application of Oil & Gas Lease Implied Covenants in Shale Plays: Old Meets New

Chapter 9: Kevin J. Garber and Jean M. Mosites
Water Sourcing and Wastewater Disposal for Marcellus Shale Development in Pennsylvania

Chapter 10: Kevin C. Abbott and Melissa M. Taylor
Condemnation in the Natural Gas Industry: Who Can Take What, When, and How Much Will It Cost?

Chapter 11: Douglas C. McElwee and Charles McElwee
State/Private Ownership of Non-Tidal Streambeds, Banks and Their Substrata in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia, Kentucky, and West Virginia

Chapter 12: Arnold L. Schulberg and Mandi L. Scott
Leasing from Trusts and Estates: A Survey of Issues in Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia

Chapter 13: Sharon O. Flanery and Ryan J. Morgan
Overview of Pooling and Unitization Affecting Appalachian Shale Development

Chapter 14: Timothy M. Miller, M. David Griffith, Jr., R. Timothy McCrum and Providence Spina
Oil and Gas Operations on Public Lands in the Marcellus Shale Region

Chapter 15: Laura E. Beverage and Page H. Jackson
Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) Respirable Dust Proposed Rules

Chapter 16: Mark E. Heath and Joseph D. Garcia
Pattern of Violations: The Changing Dynamic of Enforcement and Regulation Under the Mine Act

Chapter 17: R. Henry Moore and Patrick W. Dennison
Developments in the Requirements for Unwarrantable Failure and Significant and Substantial Under the Federal Mine Safety and Health Act of 1977

Chapter 18: Melanie J. Kilpatrick
Legislation By Mine Plan: Can Laws Be Created at the District Level?

Chapter 19: Alexander Macia
“Stand and Deliver!” Compelling the Production of Private Medical Records in the Course of Part 50 Audits

Chapter 20: Aaron S. Heishman and Robert G. McLusky
Use of Conductivity to Define Compliance with State Narrative Water Quality Standards

Chapter 21: Justin W. Ross
Remedial Remedies — Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the UCC

Chapter 22: Patrick W. Mattingly, Peter G. Diakov and Mark Farmer
So You Would Like to Export Some Coal?

Chapter 23: J. Thomas Lane, Britt Freund, H. Hampton Rose and Steven M. Carpenter
Carbon Sequestration: Critical Property Rights and Legal Liabilities — Real Impediments or Red Herrings?

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