July 9, 2010


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EMLF Climate Change Program, August 2-4, 2010
Whether your clients confirm or deny that climate change is occurring as a result of man-made activities, they will still be impacted by regulatory actions and legislation that is sure to come. And they will have questions for their lawyers.

Will your client’s operations be affected by state initiatives and regional greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction programs? What about EPA’s greenhouse gas reporting requirements? Can someone in your law firm explain carbon credits and the use of offsets for GHG reduction if a cap and trade program is put in place? Why would international treaties affect coal mining in Appalachia? What’s the SEC looking for in climate change disclosures? Can your client become the target of tort litigation? Do you understand the theories, the rules of evidence, the burden of proof, and “Daubert” analyses being used in climate change cases? What about property rights and ownership issues related to

These are just some of the questions being discussed at the EMLF Climate Change program. We hope you will want to hear the answers. Early Bird registration discounts end on July 9.

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