Join EMLF in Charleston SC, City of Many Firsts

Charming Charleston, SC, site of EMLF’s 44th Annual Institute June 18-20, 2023, is known for its beaches, architecture, food, shopping and night life.

Founded in 1670 as Charles Town to honor King Charles II, it quickly became a center of trade in rice, indigo and cotton.

Charleston was seized and used as a base by the British during the Revolutionary War, and the first shot fired during the Civil War came from Fort Sumter in Charleston Harbor. Tour the Confederate States Submarine H.L. Hunley, which was used to conduct the world’s first successful submarine attack on an enemy ship: the Union warship Housatonic, which sank on Feb. 17, 1864.

Buried in the cemetery of St. Phillips Church is Elizabeth Timothy, a widow who became the first American female publisher and franchise owner on Jan. 4, 1739, with publication of the South Carolina Gazette. The newspaper was founded with an agreement between Timothy’s husband and Ben Franklin.

Other Charleston firsts include being the first US city to commercially operate a steam passenger train, the Best Friend of Charleston on Dec. 25, 1830, which was also first to carry US mail. Others are establishment of the country’s first golf club in 1786; first tea plantation in 1888; and first historic district in 1931.

The Annual Institute will be hosted at The Charleston Place, built in 1986 to complement the charm of the historic district and provide luxury accommodations with proximity to attractions.

Reserve your room for the Annual Institute here today! You can also make reservations by calling (800) 611-5545 (refer to Energy & Mineral Law Foundation) or email: reservations@charlestonplace.com. Event registration opening soon!

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