EMLF Member Spotlight: Renee V. Anderson

Current association:  Partner at Cassidy, Anderson & Kane 

Past associations: I started my career with Sean Cassidy. From there I went to Atlas Energy, Chevron, Tucker Arensburg, and back again to work with Sean Cassidy. 

Law School:  Duquesne University School of Law 

Undergraduate:  Mount Union University 

Home: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

Favorite restaurant:  One Thirty One East in Carnegie. If you haven’t been there, you must go!   

EMLF Involvement: Secretary and Board of Trustee Member 

You have  spent most or  all of  your career in the energy sector and have had a lot of success.   How did you get involved in  this area of  law?  Right out of law school, I was living with my Aunt and Uncle. They were moving to a town outside of Greensburg. I needed a job and Sean was hiring. It was just meant to be! I love the work and the industry. 

Over the years, you have been very  active in various organizations.  You have  particularly  committed  a lot of  time to EMLF,  even though you had a busy  career.  Why?  The EMLF was the first professional organization I joined. From the very first meeting, I found the people to be warm and welcoming. Additionally, the industry focused learning opportunities are first rate. 

What has EMLF meant to you?  The EMLF has helped me grow in my professional career. Both educationally and by creating an opportunity to meet people working in the industry. 

Has your involvement had a positive effect on your career?Absolutely. I have learned a lot from the EMLF and formed long lasting relationships. 

Do you find time to travel for fun?   Do you have a favorite place to visit?  I love the beach! Especially, Myrtle Beach and Amelia Island. Did you know that Amelia Island is famous for its fossilized shark teeth?   

Do you have any  hobbies?  I love riding my off the track thoroughbred (OTTBs) horses. While they may been terrible race horses, they have become wonderful riding horses. I also enjoy fishing (see www.cassidypc.com for pictures).   

You have been practicing law for a while and have had success.  Is there any advice you would give to new lawyers and law students who are about to become lawyers?  Always have a plan and take steps moving forward with that plan—even if the steps are small. However, you must always remain flexible and be open to change that plan if needed.

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