​EMLF General Fund Scholarship recipient Brielle McKinlay is a native of Geraldine, Montana and is in her third year at Appalachian School of Law in Grundy, Va.

Growing up where natural resources are abundant, McKinlay said she became fascinated by energy when her family considered installing a wind turbine at her family’s grocery store business where she worked. She also listened to her father, who drives a truck for the oil industry.

“…my dad has worked in the oil field for the last decade or more as a truck driver, either hauling oil or the drillers’ supplement resources to operate the drills. My dad would tell me what he was hauling and the process it played in the fracking or the production of the oil,” McKinlay said.

Serving in the United States Army National Guard, McKinlay competed in preparing an environmental impact statement for operations, but said it was her classes at ASL that helped her fully understand the importance of that impact statement.

“I plan to use my knowledge on the legal aspects of the environment and how to protect, in conjunction with my business experience, to help oil company’s drill safely and avoid environmental fines,” McKinlay said. “I look forward to learning more and applying industry law with business law and environmental law to help clients mitigate liabilities and fines.”

McKinlay was recommended to the scholarship committee by Justice (ret.) Elizabeth A. McClanahan, President and Dean of Appalachian College of Law.

“As president of the Energy and Mineral Law Society at ASL, Brielle has demonstrated her passion and skill in this legal arena. Her leadership and membership in the Student Bar Association and a variety of honor societies are testaments to her energy and intelligence,” McClanahan said. “Similarly, her service as an Aviation Specialist with the National Guard is further evidence of the attention to detail and honorable character I have come to know in her. As a student of mine, she was always engaged and prepared. Her dedication, skill, and warm personality make Brielle a sound investment for the EMLF academic scholarship”

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