2022-2023 Scholarship Recipient Tyler Compston

Tyler Compston, from Charleston, W.Va., is in his second year at the University of West Virginia School of Law. Compston said he always wanted to work in energy, knowing his home in Boone County was “mined and harvested to power and build the world.”

Prospects from his business degree didn’t interest him, so after working towards a degree in Energy Land Management, he decided to go to law school.

“I love to learn, and I felt like law school would be the perfect place for me to learn how business and law intersect with energy. I returned to school with the goal of helping traditional energy companies increase efficiency in order remain competitive with green energy in the future,” Compston said. “While I was nervous about returning to school once again, I believe I have found a place where I can give myself the ultimate education challenge.”

WVU Associate Professor Nicole K. McConlogue said Tyler quickly distinguished himself in her torts class, but it was his recovery from COVID-19 that really impressed her.

“Upon his return, he applied every possible resource to catching up, and made it look easy. I never once found him to be anything less than fully prepared and in complete command of the material – as much as, or more so than, students who had had no interruption in their studies. Showing a level of resilience, I’ve never before observed in a student, he simply identified what needed doing, and did it,” McConlogue said. “Ultimately, his final grade placed within the top quintile of my class.”

Professor James M. Van Nostrand, Director for the Center for Energy and Sustainable Development at WVU, cited Tyler’s degree in Energy Land Management, work as a landman and participation professional organizations like the American Association of Professional Landmen and Energy Law Association at WVU have prepared him for land management particular to the region.

“Given his education and experience as a landman prior to attending law school, Mr. Compston will have a head start in performing legal work for energy clients and can be expected to be a strong contributor to the energy, mineral and natural resources,” Van Nostrand said. “He has a demonstrated interest in the energy industry in West Virginia, and a commitment to take his career to the next level by pursuing a law degree. He is perceived as a natural leader by his law school colleagues.”

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