2022-2023 Scholarship Recipient Kendra Amick

Kendra Amick, from Richwood, W.Va., is in her third year at West Virginia University College of Law. Her hometown was devastated by flooding in the summer of 2016, a year before Kendra graduated. It’s something she can never forget, but it prompted her interest in natural resource law.

“I want to advocate for communities who cannot obtain safe drinking water, who have become polluted by nonpoint and point source polluters, and vigorously fight to protect our nation’s water resources to continue making human life possible. It is my calling, and I want to ensure that my heart and oral advocacy can make a difference in the lives of West Virginians,” Amick said.

Veteran educator Gregory James is the band director at Richwood High School, which was destroyed by the flood. He said Kendra stayed long after the water receded to help her community and continued to after she went away to school.

“Kendra possesses the unique ability to remain calm in an adversarial position, and uses her knowledge, magnetic personality, and zealous urning for transformation to achieve what most of the world sees as impossible in the times we live: to bypass attempting to change people’s minds, and instead, provide them with the information they need to change their heart,” James said.

Charles Fox was assistant director of the Richwood Lumberjack Express Marching Band at Richwood High School.

“What sets Kendra apart from other law students is her raw passion for helping others. That passion is felt in the way Kendra presents her case,” Fox said. “Kendra has also inspired me, as my student, to press through adversity. The same year Kendra was admitted to law school, I decided to enter as well. Now, I am honored to say that Kendra is a trusted friend, advisor, and colleague.”

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