2022-2023 Scholarship Recipient Emma Duncan

Emma Duncan, from Cumberland, Md., is in her third year at West Virginia University College of Law. She planned her courses in anticipation of a career related to energy, natural resources, or environmental law.

“With every new course, I have consistently been reassured of my interest in pursuing this sort of work,” Duncan said. “I began looking for opportunities to get further involved and learn more about this type of law.”

Duncan accepted a position at the Environmental Protection Agency for Summer 2023 and authored a student note addressing acid mine drainage in West Virginia as an Associate Editor of the West Virginia Law Review: “Toxic Territory: The Need for Regulatory Reform to Address Acid Mine Drainage in West Virginia”

“Ms. Duncan is consistently the strongest contributor in the classroom; she is always prepared and engaged and demonstrates a genuine interest in the subject matter,” WVU Professor James Van Nostrand said, noting her work in writing and in class on addressing acid-mine drainage. “She is passionate about energy and environmental issues, a strong performer in the classroom, a natural leader, and is well-liked and respected by her fellow students.”

Jennifer F. Powell, Assistant Dean, Student Services and Engagement, said at Frostburg State, Emma received the Outstanding Senior Service Award, which goes to a graduating senior who had demonstrated a commitment to giving back to the community through leadership and service, noting that Emma is a conscientious, dedicated student who continued to excel academically.

“Emma is not only deserving of a scholarship on her merits but is also in need of support as she is paying out of state tuition in law school as a Maryland resident,” Powell said.


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