Chapter 1: David J. Laurent and Brandon D. Coneby
Mandatory Arbitration of Employment Claims after Circuit City v. Adams and EECO v. Waffle House: When Is an Arbitration Agreement Valid and Enforceable?

Chapter 2: Jay G. Martin
Growing Use of Strategic Alliances in the Energy Industry

Chapter 3: Maureen D. Carman
Surety Law Issues

Chapter 4: Keith Martin
Synfuel and Section 29 Tax Credits

Chapter 5: Thomas C. Means
The Applicant Violator System in 2002: An Update on Permit Blocking Under SMCRA

Chapter 6: David E. Pierce
The Royalty Value Theorem and the Legal Calculus of Post-Extraction Costs

Chapter 7: Robert B. Allen
Royalty Administration in Volatile Energy Markets

Chapter 8: Steven D. Selbe, Christina Pittman and Arnold L. Schulberg
The New American Association of Professional Landmen Master Land Services Contract

Chapter 9: Russell L. Schetroma
Conflicting Rights and Interests Among Oil and Gas Lessees, Surface Owners and Other Interest Holders

Chapter 10: Timothy J. Hagerty
Surface Mining and the Clean Water Act: The 402/404 Conflict and the Regulation of Valley Fills

Chapter 11: George A. Rusk, George L. Seay and David L. Trimm
Natural Resource Damages: Liability Implications for the Mining and Energy Industries

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