Chapter 1: Susan H. Pauley
The Impact of Homeland Security Initiatives on the Confidentiality of the Energy Industry’s Sensitive Business Information and the Privacy of the Energy Industry’s Customer Information

Chapter 2: Ernest E. Smith
Renewable Energy — the Increasing Role of Wind Power: Incentives, Mandates, Siting and Leasing

Chapter 3: Samuel M. Brock III
Post-Accident Drug and Alcohol Testing in the Coal, Oil and Gas, and Energy Industries

Chapter 4: Thomas C. Means and Daniel W. Wolff
Legal Responsibilities and Liabilities of Trainers Under the Mine Safety Act: Overview and Recent Developments

Chapter 5: Julia K. Shreve
Freedom of Information Act Requests: MSHA Reduces Freedom and Denies Access to Information

Chapter 6: Stephen G. Allen
Force Majeure Under Coal Supply Contracts

Chapter 7: Ronald E. Gold and Adam R. Kegley
Executory Contracts and Unexpired Leases of Nonresidential Real Property in Coal Bankruptcy Cases: An Overview for Operators, Landowners, Purchasers and Contract Parties Whose Interests May Be Impacted by Bankruptcy

Chapter 8: Nicolle Renee Snyder Bagnell
Gas Pipeline Relocation Issues

Chapter 9: Gregory D. Russell
Defining Gas Gathering: What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been

Chapter 10: Beth R. Minear
Trespass on Easements

Chapter 11: Joseph W. Dellapenna
Water Law in the Eastern United States: No Longer a Hypothetical Issue

Chapter 12: Allyn G. Turner and Kelly B. Kibble
Industry’s Role in Challenging the Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Process

Chapter 13: Timothy M. Miller and Jessica A. Blake
West Virginia Flood Litigation: Land Use Companies Across the Nation Could Be At Risk

Chapter 14: Monika J. Hussell
Intellectual Property and the Energy Lawyer: Patents, Trade Secrets, Confidential Business Information, Copyrights and Trademarks

Chapter 15: Marc R. Weintraub
Security Concerns in the Offerings of Interests in Oil and Gas Investments

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