Chapter 1: Gregory D. Timmons and Mark A. Lindsay
Fossil Fuels in the Twenty-First Century

Chapter 2: Timothy W. Gresham
Picking Up the Litigation Tab: Statutory Attorneys’ Fees

Chapter 3: Kevin C. Abbott
Can a Right-of-Way for Electric Transmission or Gas Pipelines Be Used to Install Fiber Optic Lines Without Paying Additional Compensation to the Landowner?

Chapter 4: Ronald E. Meisburg, Meikka A. Cutlip and Allison S. Williams
ERISA Obligations Related to Promised Pension and Health Benefits

Chapter 5: James V. Corbelli and Stephen L. Korbel
Jurisdiction, Domain Names, Privacy and Security: How the Digital Age Has Changed Business

Chapter 6: Nancy S. Bryson
The Integral Relationship Between the Federal Technology Transfer Act and Natural Resources

Chapter 7: Mark J. La Fratta
Drafting and Negotiating Power Purchase and Sale Agreements

Chapter 8: Mark E. Heath
The Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act

Chapter 9: James W. Creenan
Defending Federal Black Lung Claims Under the New Regulations

Chapter 10: H. Kent Hendrickson
An Examination of Administrative Issues Under the Coal Industry Retiree Health Benefit Act of 1992 in the Context of Judicial Review: Overton Park, Private Rights and Limits on Informal Agency Authority

Chapter 11: Ethan D. Fogel and W. Mark C. Weidemaier
Reclamation Issues in Coal Bankruptcies

Chapter 12: Donald J. Kochan
National Historic Preservation Act Initiatives Affecting the Natural Resources Industry

Chapter 13: David G. Ries and Matthew A. Jarrell
Expert Opinions in Environmental Cases After Daubert and Amended Federal Rule

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