Chapter 1: Bill Jeffery
Carbon Capture and Storage: Promising Technology, But Many Legal Questions Remain

Chapter 2: Amy M. Smith and Karen E. Kahle
Class Action Fairness Act of 2005: Federal Jurisdiction, Exceptions to the Exercise of Jurisdiction and Burdens of Proof

Chapter 3: Albert F. Sebok, Brian J. Moore, Robert O. Passmore and Rena K. Seidler
Defending Against Punitive Damages from the Answer Through the End of the Trial

Chapter 4: Jeff A. Woods and Helena Racin Smith
What Kinds of Punitive Damages May Be Awarded for Willful Trespass to Minerals?

Chapter 5: Gregory J. Ossi and Danielle N. Petaja
Employment Law Update: Maximizing Human Resources

Chapter 6: John R. Leathers
Selected Issues in Attorney-Client Confidentiality

Chapter 7: Kirsten L. Nathanson and David P. Ross
Clean Water Act Compliance and Enforcement: EPA Targets the Coal Industry

Chapter 8: Allyn G. Turner and Jason C. Pizatella
Section 404 Permits, Valley Fills and In-Stream Ponds: What’s Next?

Chapter 9: John M. Williams and Deanna L. Talwalkar
The MINER Act: Keeping Out of Trouble

Chapter 10: John E. Rhine
Acquisition and Financing of Coal Reserves

Chapter 11: Clifford B. Levine and Shawn N. Gallagher
State and Local Regulation of Oil and Gas Operations: Drilling Through the Maze of Preemption, Severed Mineral Estates and Surface Owner Rights

Chapter 12: Nicolle R. Snyder Bagnell
Two Important Cases Which Impacted the State of Pennsylvania Oil and Gas Law in 2007: Excavation Technologies v. Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania — Is a Gas Company Liable for Economic Losses When It Marks Its Lines? and Penneco v. Dominion Transmission and Dominion Exploration and Production — Who Owns the Right to Drill Under Production and Storage Leases?

Chapter 13: Timothy M. Miller
Plan for the Worst, Hope for the Best: The Role of Legal Counsel on the Crisis Management Team

Chapter 14: L. Frederick Williams, Jr.
Federal Taxation of Investors in Oil and Gas Drilling Programs

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