Chapter 1: Samuel M. Brock, III, Angela F. Hill and Grant P. H. Shuman
Health Related Information and Employment Decisions: Is Your ERISA Plan Subject to Privacy Rights Under HIPAA?

Chapter 2: C. David Morrison
Corporate Downsizing

Chapter 3 Joseph J. Starsick, Jr. and J. Thomas Lane
Valuation of Minerals in Condemnation Proceedings: The Keys to Quick and Just Compensation

Chapter 4: Hans Naumann
Hypothetical Application of Mineral Valuation Methods to an Operating Property Which Combines a Going Concern with a Reserve Area

Chapter 5: Marco M. Rajkovich, Hans Naumann and John T. Boyd
Legal Implications of Mine Mapping Errors

Chapter 6: David B. Fawcett and Doneld G. Shelkey
Use of Master Agreements in the Coal Industry

Chapter 7: L. Joseph Ferrara
MSHA’s Diesel Particulate Matter Rulemaking: What Have We Learned?

Chapter 8: David W. Hardymon
Adrift on the Implied Covenant to Market: Regulation By Implication

Chapter 9: Traci Sands Rea
Protecting Private Pipeline Easements from Encroachments

Chapter 10: Richard L. Gottlieb
Free Gas Lease and Exculpatory Clause: An Analysis of Weiss v. Thomas & Thomas Development Co.

Chapter 11: Professor Owen Anderson and Professor John Pigott
Seismic Technology and Law

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