Chapter 1: David J. Laurent and Pamela J. Castellani
They’re Not Our Employees — Are They? An Examination of the Labor, Employment, and Employee Benefits Issues that Can Arise with the Use of Temporary, Contract, and Leased Employees

Chapter 2: Brian C. Elmer and Mark Keohn
False Claims Act v. the Energy and Minerals Industry

Chapter 3: Joseph K. Reinhart and Stacia Christman
Application of State “Brownfields” Laws and Principles to the Mining, Oil & Gas and Electric Utilities Industries

Chapter 4: Michael G. Giannotto and Thomas J. Mikula
Environmental Justice and the Mining and Energy Industries

Chapter 5: Professor Denis Binder
Potential Liability of Regulators and Inspectors of Mining and Processing Facilities

Chapter 6: Thomas P. Gies and Andrew W. Bagley
The Americans with Disabilities Act: Recent Case Law Developments

Chapter 7: Eileen B. Vernon
Customizing the Standard Arbitration Clause to Meet the Needs of Energy and Minerals Industry

Chapter 8: Barry R. Miller and Tammy J. Owen
Creative Financing Mechanisms: Master Limited Partnerships, Royalty Trusts, and Net Profits Interests

Chapter 9: H. L. (Jack) Snyder
An Eccentric’s Guide to Drafting Problems in Oil and Gas Leases

Chapter 10: Judith A. Villines and Michele M. Whittington
Takings Law: Issues of Interest to Mineral Property Owners

Chapter 11: Daniel L. Keston
Section 29 Tax Credits for Synthetic Fuel from Coal

Chapter 12: John A. Mairs
State Tax Credits Promoting Local Use

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