Chapter 1: Charles M. Surber, Jr.
The Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act of 1994

Chapter 2: Joseph S. Suich
The Federal Freedom of Information Act, the New York State Freedom of Information Law and the Energy and Mineral Industries: The Proprietary Paper Chase

Chapter 3: Laura E. Beverage and Karen L. Johnston
Communication with a Government Agency Represented By Counsel: Where Does the Ethical Boundary Fall?

Chapter 4: Michael H. Winek
EPA’s Regulatory Version of the Clear Skies Act — Interstate Air Quality and Mercury Rules

Chapter 5: Eric W. Iskra and Kevin L. Carr
Emerging Issues in Labor and Employment Law: Decisions from the United States Supreme Court

Chapter 6: Christopher B. Power and Robert M. Stonestreet
“You Have No Idea” — Environmental Regulation of the Coal Industry Today

Chapter 7: Maureen D. Carman and Richard Warne
SMCRA Enforcement in Bankruptcy: Regulatory Powers Revisited

Chapter 8: Pamela A. McCallum and James M. Evans
General Overview of Remedies for Breach of Coal Supply Agreement and Case Study: What Happens When the Trains Don’t Show Up?

Chapter 9: Richard J. Bolen
Coal Lease Terminations: Minimizing the Pain of Untying the Knot

Chapter 10: Timothy C. Dowd
Costs that Can Be Charged in Calculation of Risk Penalties Under Forced Pooling Action and Non-Consent Penalties Under Operating Agreements

Chapter 11: Brian M. Johnson
Revivor of Oil and Gas Leases

Chapter 12: James C. T. Hardwick
Market Value Royalties — Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Chapter 13: Bradley J. Martineau
Oil and Gas Law Update

Appendix: George A. Rusk and J. Steven Gardner
Mountain Top Mining: New Challenges and New Opportunities

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