Chapter 1: Ann R. Klee and Jessica A. Hall
The Climate Change Debate: Is Congress Ready to Take the Heat?

Chapter 2: David M. Flannery and Lindsey K. Griffith
Competition for New Energy Projects — Incentives Offered by Various States

Chapter 3: Maribeth Anderson and Joe Gollehon
Managing the Crisis Situation

Chapter 4: Jeffrey J. Bresch and Stephanie L. Hadgkiss
Best Practices in Electronic Discovery and Document Retention

Chapter 5: Patrick W. Mattingly
Master Limited Partnerships

Chapter 6: G. Brian Wells
Special Issues in the Law of Co-Tenancy

Chapter 7: Thomas V. Flaherty, Christopher A. Brumley and Nathaniel K. Tawney
Employers’ Immunity Under Workers’ Compensation Statutes: Deal or No Deal?

Chapter 8: John R. Woodrum
Retiree Health Benefits in the Coal Industry: A Final Solution to the High Cost of Easy Promises

Chapter 9: Steven P. McGowan
Liability for Contractors in Connection with Mining: To Plus To May Not Equal For

Chapter 10: Blair M. Gardner and Michael J. Pattwell
Rivers, Streams and Swales, and the Jurisdictional Reach of the Clean Water Act After Rapanos v. United States

Chapter 11: Stanton D. Ernest and William C. Illingworth
Underground Disposal of Slurry and Coal Refuse in Mine Voids: Does the Coal Owner / Lessee Have the Legal Right to Dispose of Slurry and Coal Refuse in the Mine Voids?

Chapter 12: Frank B. Harrington
Form Over Substance: Potential Pitfalls in Coal Trading Form Contracts

Chapter 13: Davin L. Seamon
Horrors of the Record Room

Chapter 14: Arthur J. Wright
Horizontal Wells: Technical and Legal Issues

Chapter 15: Beth R. Minear and Eric R. Waller
Uniform Environmental Covenants Act and Deed Restrictions: History, Mechanics and Practical Application of Primary Requirements in the Transfer and Use of Real Property

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