Chapter 1: Andrea Bear Field, Maida O. Lerner and James D. Elliott
What EPA’s Emerging Series of Clean Air Act Regulations Tells the Coal Industry: You’re Not Paranoid — We’re Really After You!

Chapter 2: David G. Ries and James M. Ginocchi
The Carrot, the Stick and the Hammer: An Overview of Criminal Enforcement of Federal Environmental Laws

Chapter 3: James A. Lastowka and Arthur G. Sapper
Deference to Agency Interpretations: Abdication to Ambiguity

Chapter 4: Thomas C. Means
When Is a Non-Mine Mine a “Mine?” The Riddle of MSHA’s Assertion of Jurisdiction over Electric Power Plants and Other Coal Users

Chapter 5: Wm. Randolph Smith
Pushing the Frontiers of Antitrust Law: Recent Developments

Chapter 6: F. Thomas Rubenstein and Jamie S. Alley
You Can’t Drill It There — But Maybe Over Here: Practical Issues to Consider in Preparing a Coalbed Methane Lease from a Coal Development Perspective

Chapter 7: Timothy W. Gresham and Eric R. Thiessen
An Overview of Citizen Suits Affecting the Mineral and Energy Industries

Chapter 8: Blair M. Gardner and Robert G. McLuskey
Valley Fills and the Clean Water Act: The Strange Confluence of the Clean Water Act and SMCRA in Bragg v. Robertson

Chapter 9: John Sanford McDavid
Current Title Examination Procedures: Responses to Economic Pressures and Technological Advances

Chapter 10: Owen L. Anderson
Royalty Valuation: Calculating Freight in a Marketable-Product Jurisdiction

Chapter 11: Laura D. Keller and William T. Gorton III
Legal Considerations Pertaining to Use and Disposal of Coal Combustion By-Products

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