Chapter 1: Mark J. Biros
Anatomy of a Quality Internal Investigation

Chapter 2: David J. Laurent and Emilie R. Hammerstein
If We Do This, Will It Make Us a Single Employer? An Examination of Enterprise Liability and Protection

Chapter 3: Susan E. Chetlin and Jacob J. Cranston
Mining Your Other Assets: Dispelling Common Misconceptions About Patents and Other Intellectual Property

Chapter 4: Pamela Tarr
There’s No Place Like Home: Implications of General and Specific Jurisdiction After Goodyear and Nicastro

Chapter 5: Douglas R. Richmond
Confidentiality Problems for Lawyers in Today’s Digital Era

Chapter 6: Gregory J. Ossi, Kishka-Kamai McClain and Jacqueline Warner
Politics at Work

Chapter 7: Chet Thompson and Robert Meyers
Understanding the Clean Air Act Regulatory “Trainwreck”

Chapter 8: Gregory D. Russell and Lauren N. Fromme
Dormant Mineral Acts: Addressing Severed Mineral Interests in a Fractional World

Chapter 9: David E. Pierce
Oil & Gas Easements

Chapter 10: Paul R. Bessette, Michael J . Biles and R. Adam Swick
Securities Litigation and the Energy Sector

Chapter 11: Kevin K. Douglass and Christopher M. Buell
To Infinity and Beyond: Extending Your Lease to Its Secondary Term in the Appalachian Basin

Chapter 12: Gregory V. Nelson
Tax Issues in the Disposition of Oil & Gas Assets

Chapter 13: Travis H. Eckley
Developing Jurisprudence in the Marcellus and Utica Shale

Chapter 14: Anne C. Blankenship and David L. Yaussy
Are Coal Mines Now Stationary Sources Under the Clean Air Act?

Chapter 15: Kimberly H. Bryant and R. Clay Larkin
Understanding Unconventional Easements and Rights of Entry

Chapter 16: G. Brian Wells, Allison L. Grogan and Joseph R. Miller
Restraints on Alienation in Coal Leases

Chapter 17: Brian Stuart Duba
Anatomy of an Acquisition Agreement

Chapter 18: R. Henry Moore and Arthur M. Wolfson
Abuse of Discretion: MSHA’s Impermissible Use of 103(k) Orders

Chapter 19: Richard L. Lewis, II
Environmental Issues in Natural Gas Pipeline Construction

Chapter 20: Ryan J. Morgan and Leslie Miller-Stover
Shale Transactions in Appalachia: Key Transactional Documents

Chapter 21: Edward M. Green
MSHA’s Proposed Rules to Lower the Exposure of Coal Miners to Respirable Dust and “End Black Lung Now”

Chapter 22: L. Poe Leggette, Jennifer Cadena and Kristopher C. Kleiner
Federal Regulation of Hydraulic Fracturing: A Conversational Introduction

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