Chapter 1: Eric J. Murdock
Unmanned Aircraft Operations in the Energy and Mining Industries: An Overview of the Legal and Regulatory Landscape

Chapter 2: Donald C. Baur and Sarah C. Bordelon
The Endangered Species Act Moves East

Chapter 3: David Y. Chung and Sherrie A. Armstrong
What Does WOTUS Really Mean? Practical Consequences for Mining and Oil and Gas Operations

Chapter 4: Miranda R. Yost and Patrick J. Fanning
Citizen “Suit Yourself”: New (and Very Real) Water Compliance Challenges for Coal Power Utilities

Chapter 5: Rebecca W. Watson and Nora Pincus
Hot Topics on Public Lands at End of Obama Era

Chapter 6: Christopher B. Power and Robert M. Stonestreet
Cooperative Federalism and Environmental Laws: Coping with Two Masters

Chapter 7: Craig L. Mayer
A Study in the Abuse of Power: The United States Forest Service’s Illegal Efforts to Seize Control of Private Mineral Estates Underlying Pennsylvania’s Allegheny National Forest

Chapter 8: Cressinda “Chris” D. Schlag
Indemnity for Environmental Damage: Methods for Structuring an Enforceable Indemnification Agreement for Environmental Claims and Liabilities

Chapter 9: Kathy K. Condo
Advancing Your Strategies for Managing Litigation Risk and Reputation Exposure from Health-Related Allegations

Chapter 10: C. David Morrison, Christopher L. Bauer and Mark C. Dean
Reductions in Force: Factors to Consider in Order to Avoid Liability to Laid-Off Employees

Chapter 11: John D. Wilburn and Beth Minear
Conflict and Cooperation: Real Property Issues Arising from the Interplay of Production and Storage Interests in a Post-Shale World

Chapter 12: J.C. (Max) Wilkinson and M. Katherine Crockett
All Our Yesterdays: The Increasing Risk of Landowner Liability for Legacy Discharges

Chapter 13: Mary Beth Naumann and Chacey R. Ford
Rejection of Leases and Executory Contracts in Bankruptcy: What Does It Mean?

Chapter 14: Mary L. Fullington
The Treatment of Oil and Gas Leases in the Context of Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Sales

Chapter 15: John F. Martin
OSHA’s Proposed Rule on Respirable Crystalline Silica and Its Impact on MSHA

Chapter 16: Renee V. Anderson
Midstream Assets – How to Get Those Pipes in the Ground

Chapter 17: Richard A. Schwartz and Robert A. Minor
Internal Investigations of Well Site Events: Observations on Common Practical, Legal and Ethical Issues

Chapter 18: Scott M. Zurakowski and Gregory W. Watts
Can a Terminated Lease Be Cured?

Chapter 19: Kevin L. Colosimo, James D. Mazzocco and Daniel P. Craig
Recent Decisions in Oil and Gas Jurisprudence

Chapter 20: Dylan C. Lewis and Michael C. Cardi
The Common Interest Doctrine and Protecting Against Inadvertent Waiver of the Attorney-Client Privilege in Oil and Gas Litigation

Chapter 21: Sean Cassidy
Title Traps

Chapter 22: Peter A. Lusenhop and John K. Keller
Deduction of Post-Production Costs – An Analysis of Royalty Calculation Issues Across the Appalachian Basin

Chapter 23: Robert G. McLusky, Michael M. Fisher and Douglas J. Crouse
Conventional and Unconventional Warfare: The Increasing Criminalization of Both Clearly Wrong and Seemingly Ordinary Activities in the Mineral Industries

Chapter 24: Kelley M. Goes
Natural Gas Infrastructure Siting – The Environmental Angle

Chapter 25: J. Thomas Lane, Britt A. Freund and J. Breton McNab
Held By Production Leases: When Are They Actually Held?

Chapter 26: Susan B. Snyder and Jordan A. Rodriguez
Water Availability and Use Issues – Is Water the New Oil?

Chapter 27: Gregory B. Robertson and Kurt G. Larkin
Clearing the Path to Unionizing America’s Workforce: The NLRB’s New Rules Governing Union Elections and Bargaining Units

Chapter 28: Roberta D. Anderson, Thomas R. DeCesar, Stephen J. Matzura and George A. Bibikos
Cybersecurity in the Era of Unconventional Development: Is the Energy Sector Ready for Cyber Attacks?

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