Chapter 1: Kevin L. Colosimo and Daniel P. Craig
Legal Ethics and American Political Scandal: Pennsylvania’s Recent Supreme Court Scandal Explored Through the Lens of the Historical Development of American Legal Ethics

Chapter 2: Justin D. Ackerman, Donald C. Bluedorn II and Varun K. Shekhar
Staying Afloat in Turbulent Waters: Considerations in the Sale of a Coal-Fired Power Plant

Chapter 3: Kevin J. Garber and Michael K. Reer
Wastewater Management Regulation in the Appalachian Basin

Chhapter 4: James M. Auslander and Randy Wilgis
Federal Mitigation for Project Development

Chapter 5: Stefanie L. Burt and Ariel N. Forbes
New and Unsettled Issues in Federal Natural Gas Act Condemnation and State Law Condemnation in the Marcellus and Utica Shale Plays

Chapter 6: Christina A. Denmark and Kelli D. Smith
The Aftermath of Hysaw v. Dawkins: A Fractional Resolution to the Double Fraction Issue

Chapter 7: Devan K. Flahive
Dual Natural Gas Markets: The Antitrust Paradox of Deregulating a Market Tied to a Natural Monopoly

Chapter 8: Demetra L. Liggins and Cassandra Sepanik Shoemaker
Help! I Think My Counter-Party May Be Insolvent

Chapter 9: Judith K. Fitzgerald and James W. Kane
Oh Dear! What Can the Matter Be? What Will Become of My Oil and Gas Lease in Bankruptcy?

Chapter 10: C. David Morrison and Michael J. Spooner
Surprise! You Are a Joint Employer

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