Chapter 1: Daniel W. Wolff and Elizabeth B. Dawson
Energy Law Update 2018: The Origins of Power

Chapter 2: Nick Johnson
Deals Gone Wrong in the Coal Industry

Chapter 3: Britt Freund and Josh Hannold
Up in the Air: An Overview of Issues that Arise with Acquiring Rights for Wind Development

Chapter 4: Robert G. McLusky and Jennifer L. Hughes
The Intersection of the Natural Gas Act and Environmental/Land Use Laws

Chapter 5: Kevin B. Huff and Kylie C. Kim
When the Trains Don’t Come: Suing the Railroad

Chapter 6: James M. Van Nostrand
The New Electricity Business Model

Chapter 7: John Kevin West and Alana Valle Tanoury
Co-Tenancy and Statutory Unitization in the Appalachian Basin

Chapter 8: Matthew C. Blickensderfer, Kenneth J. Witzel, Michael D. Brewster and Jeffery R. Kramer
What Do You Mean We Can’t Do That? Antitrust Law Implications for Upstream Joint Development Arrangements

Chapter 9: Timothy M. Miller and Katrina N. Bowers
Pitfalls Associated with Affiliate Transactions n the Gas Industry

Chapter 10: Mark A. Rush, Thomas C. Ryan and Katherine M. Gafner
What You Don’t Know Can’t Hurt You, Right? Resolving the Inherent Tension Between the Yates Memo and the Collective Knowledge Doctrine in Environmental Criminal Enforcement Actions

Chapter 11: J.C. Wilkinson, III and Edmund L. Wagoner, III
Quiet Title Actions in Appalachia: Burdens and Benefits

Chapter 12: Betty S.W. Graumlich, Gregory J. Ossi, Karina R. Kendrick and Allison B. Williams
#MeToo and the Energy Industry

Chapter 13: Erica Williams, Shelby Smith and James Bowden, Jr.
Avoiding FCPA Liability: Practical Compliance Considerations for Energy Companies

Chapter 14: Mary L. Fullington
Personally Identifiable Information and the Energy Industry

Chapter 15: Philip F. Downey and John R. Conley
Effective and Efficient Use of a Company-Representative Witness in Litigation

Chapter 16: Brian R. Swiger, Dale H. Harrison and Chelsea A. Creta
Litigating Procurement Agreement Disputes: Mechanics’ Liens and Master Service Agreements

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