Chapter 1: Monica Derbes Gibson and Kyle W. Robish
Air, Water, and Land: Recent Developments in Environmental Regulations Affecting Electricity Producing Coal Combustion Facilities

Chapter 2: Emily C. McKinney
Emily C. McKinney The Perfect Storm: EPA Pressure and Citizen Suits in the Mining Industry

Chapter 3: David K. Brooks
Regulatory Takings in the Oil, Gas and Mineral Context

Chapter 4: Blair M. Gardner, Dale Harrison and Lee A. Floyd
Evidentiary Privileges Applicable to Title Opinions of Counsel

Chapter 5: Michael Diamond and Jim Curry
Pipeline Safety: An Overview of the Legal Framework, the Regulation of Gas Gathering, and How Current and Future Regulation May Affect Producers

Chapter 6: David E. Northrop and Keith J. Coyle
The Role of Citizen Suits in the Shale Revolution

Chapter 7: Mitchell E. Ayer
Common Issues in Oil and Gas Bankruptcy

Chapter 8: Vanessa A. Baxter
Oil and Gas Case Law Update

Chapter 9: Gretchen M. Callas
Welcome to Our World: MSHA Vulnerability to Suit Under Federal Tort Claims Act for Negligent Inspection

Chapter 10: Thomas C. Means and Sherrie A. Armstrong
Back in the Spotlight: The Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act in 2013

Chapter 11: Kimberly H. Bryant, R. Clay Larkin and Jesse M. Parrish
Distressed Asset Disposition: Selling Encumbered Mineral Properties

Chapter 12: Mark R. Heath and Dennise R. Smith
Surf’s Up: The Tidal Wave of Changes in Mine Safety Law Since 2006

Chapter 13: Justin W. Ross
Reopening Pandora’s Box: Market Price Reopeners in Volatile and Uncertain Times

Chapter 14: Sean Cassidy and Robert H. Stone, Jr.
Old Right-of-Way, New Pipe: The Right to Enlarge Pipelines and Related Equipment

Chapter 15: Russell L. Schetroma, Nathaniel I. Holland, Robert J. Andre, Timothy M. McKeen and Joel E. Symonds
Quiet Title Actions: Tools to Address Select Appalachian Title Defects

Chapter 16: Kevin L. Colosimo and Daniel P. Craig
Jurisdictional Considerations for the Oil and Gas Practitioner

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