Chapter 1: David G. Ries, Joseph R. Brendel and Jerri A. Ryan
Expert Opinions in Environmental Litigation: A Daubert Update

Chapter 2: Randall C. Light and Kara Cunningham Williams
Ethics Issues for In-house (and Out-house) Counsel

Chapter 3: Seth A. Rice and Christopher Davis
Developing Alternative Energy Projects — Practical, Legal and Commercial Considerations: A Landfill Gas-to-Energy Project Case Study

Chapter 4: Jessica A. Hall
Climate Change Litigation: An Emerging Wave?

Chapter 5: J. Kevin Ellis, Katerina E. Milenkovski and Diane E. Burke
Commercial Transactions in a Carbon-Constrained Environment

Chapter 6: Bridget E. Littlefield and Ann M. Mason
Critical Issues in the Law of Civil and Criminal Liability Under the Mine Act

Chapter 7: Michael O. McKown
Preparing for and Conducting Internal Accident and Incident Investigations: How to Protect the Attorney-Client and Work-Product Privileges and Prevent Subsequent Remedial Measures from Being Used Against You

Chapter 8: Christopher B. Power and Donnie L. Adkins II
SMCRA Primacy, Mining Permit Transfers, Ownership and Control, and Excess Reclamation Responsibility: A Primer on Confusing Topics

Chapter 9: William M. Herlihy and Travis H. Eckley
Innovative Approaches to Post-Mining Land Use Development

Chapter 10: Debra J. Villarreal and Lucas LaVoy
Oil and Gas Exploration and Development Agreements

Chapter 11: Fredric J. George
The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission: Who Is It? What Does It Do? And How Does It Affect the Natural Gas Industry?

Chapter 12: Timothy M. Miller and Marsha Williams Kauffman
Is It a Deep Well or a Shallow Well and Who Cares?

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