Chapter 1: Robert L. Burns, Jr.
The Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s Robinson Township Decision and the Pennsylvania Environmental Rights Amendment

Chapter 2: Anna M. Dailey, Katherine B. Capito and Stephanie L. Zwerner
Pivotal Recent Supreme Court Cases and National Labor Relations Board Actions Affecting Employers

Chapter 3: J. Kevin West, Paul N. Garinger, Karen J. Greenwell and Andrew J. Sonderman
Eminent Domain Authority for Midstream Pipelines

Chapter 4: Marc Halbritter
Natural Gas Liquids: What Are They, Where Do They Go, and Under What Contract Terms?

Chapter 5: Mark D. Feczko, Bryan D. Rohm and Travis L. Brannon
Lone Pine or Folk Lore? A Survey of Case Developments Regarding Lone Pine Orders in Oil and Gas Litigation

Chapter 6: Jonathan T. Blank
Oil & Gas Litigation Update

Chapter 7: Lyle B. Brown
Evolving Theories of Lease Termination Litigation

Chapter 8: Sean Cassidy
When Does “Surface” Mean Only Surface?

Chapter 9: Nicolle R. Snyder Bagnell, Justin H. Werner and Stefanie L. Burt
The Shale Pay: Recent Trends in Royalty Claims and Emerging Issues Surrounding Wet Gas and Natural Gas Liquids

Chapter 10: Clay K. Keller, Michael T. Altvater and J. Alex Quay
Ohio’s Dormant Mineral Act: Addressing a Potential Title Problem Created By Severed Mineral Estates

Chapter 11: Barclay Nicholson and Brian Albrecht
Subsurface Trespass and Hydraulic Fracturing: An Examination of Relevant Precedent from Texas and Beyond

Chapter 12: James S. Robertson, David J. Yellow Robe, Robin S. Fredrickson and Jeffrey S. Munoz
The New Horizontal Modified Operating Agreement and Additional Drafting Considerations

Chapter 13: Steven H. Brose
Going Against the Flow: The Background and Evolving Nature of Federal Regulation of Common Carrier Oil Pipelines

Chapter 14: Allyn G. Turner and M. Katherine Crockett
Post-Freedom Industries: A New Era for Aboveground Storage Tanks and Water Source Protection Laws

Chapter 15: R. Clay Larkin and Jesse M. Parrish
Environmental Permit Due Diligence for Coal Transactions

Chapter 16: Eric L. Silkwood
Section 105(c) Discrimination Complaints: A Primer on Temporary Reinstatement and Litigating Discrimination Complaints

Chapter 17: James M. Van Nostrand
What’s Coming Down the Tracks for Midstream Operators in 2014? Emerging Issues and Regulatory Update for Crude Oil by Rail

Chapter 18: Kevin L. Colosimo, Grant H. Hackley and Mallory O. Peterson
Defensible Title: Defining the Standard in Acquisitions and Drilling Title Certifications

Chapter 19: Dallas F. Kratzer III, David R. Stone Jr. and Al F. Sebok
Who Bears the Burden of Liability? The Law of Joint and Several Liability, Setoffs, Contribution, and Implied Indemnity in the Eastern Coal States

Chapter 20: D. Kevin Moffatt, Paul A. Konstanty, John H. Heyer, William J. Taylor, Ryan H. Linn, Britt Freund and Alaina R. Hill
Multi-State Review of Tax Sales and Tax Deeds: The Effect of Tax Deeds on Oil and Gas Leases and Easements in Kentucky, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia

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