Chapter 1: Chet M. Thompson and Jessica A. Hall
Greenhouse Gas Regulation Under the Clean Air Act in 2009 and Beyond

Chapter 2: W. Blaine Early, III
Property Rights in a Sustainable World: More than Minerals and Surface

Chapter 3: Bruce E. Cryder and R. Clay Larkin
Consent Provisions in Natural Resources Agreements

Chapter 4: Gregory J. Ossi, Marina E. Burton, Rebeca H. Ormsbee and David R. Warner
Spiraling Costs and Crashing Markets ?– Who Will Be Left Holding the (Empty) Bag for Depleted Pensions and Unfunded Health Care Liabilities?

Chapter 5: Robert M. Stonestreet
Force Majeure for Sure? Contractual Coal Supply Obligations in a Changing World

Chapter 6: Timothy J. Hagerty and Emily C. McKinney
The Clean Water Act Two-Step: The Back-and-Forth Challenges to the Corps of Engineers’ Permitting Authority Under the Clean Water Act

Chapter 7: Robert G. McLusky and Blair M. Gardner
Selenium Issues in the Coal Industry

Chapter 8: Daniel L. Wolff
Mine Accident Reporting Obligations and MSHA Enforcement

Chapter 9: F. Thomas Rubenstein and Heather A. Blandford
“Flagrant” Violations Under the Mine Act: What’s A Little More Ambiguity Among Friends?

Chapter 10: Mark E. Heath and Timothy D. Houston
Increased Enforcement and Higher Penalties Under the MINER Act: Do They Improve Worker Safety?

Chapter 11: Bruce M. Kramer
Coastal Oil & Gas Corp. v. Garza Energy Trust: Some New Paradigms for the Rule of Capture and Implied Covenant Jurisprudence

Chapter 12: Sean Cassidy
Division of Royalties — Who Gets What?

Chapter 13: Joel E. Symonds and Natalie N. Jefferis
Thinking Horizontally in a Vertical World: Practical Considerations for Practitioners Advising Clients on Horizontal Development in the Marcellus and Big Sandy Fields

Chapter 14: Russell L. Schetroma
General Reflections Upon the Evolving Eastern Oil & Gas Lease

Chapter 15: R. Timothy Weston
Water Supply and Wastewater Challenges in Marcellus Shale Development

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