Chapter 1: John R. Leathers and Forest Jackson Bowman
Representing the Corporate Criminal’s Special Problems and Ethical Considerations

Chapter 2: Andrea Bear Field
Why Enforcement Is Going to Be Such a “Big Deal” Under the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990

Chapter 3: Joseph W. Dellapenna
Groundwater Law for Mineral Lawyers

Chapter 4: Frederick W. Bartelsmeyer
Investment in the European Community and the Eastern European Coal Industries – Yet Another Challenge for the Coal Lawyer – Not available online

Chapter 5: Christopher B. Power
Unsuitability Designations and Anticipated Post-Mining Environmental Problems

Chapter 6: David J. Laurent
Collective Bargaining Obligations Following a Hiatus in Coal Mining Operations

Chapter 7: Thomas C. Means and J. Michael Klise
The Applicant Violator System Revisited: A Regulatory and Litigation Update

Chapter 8: Michael D. Foster
United Mine Workers: Evolution of the Promise and Alternatives for Funding Post-Retirement Health Care Benefits

Chapter 9: Marco M. Rajkovich, Jr.
MSHA Illness and Injury Reporting/Health Monitoring Requirements

Chapter 10: James W. Morris
Legal Implications of the Commercial Recovery of Coal from Slurry Ponds

Chapter 11: Steven P. McGowan
Coal Law Update – Not available online

Chapter 12: Bruce M. Kramer
The “Mother Hubbard” or “Cover-All” Clauses in Mineral Deeds and Leases

Chapter 13: Denis Binder
Slander of Title and Assorted Slings and Arrows of the Property Bar

Chapter 14: Mark A. Swartz
Contractual Obstacles to the Transfer of Mineral Properties – Not available online

Chapter 15: Peter G. Esposito
FERC’s Order No 636: Restructuring the Legal Relationships Underlying Natural Gas Sales in the United States

Chapter 16: Philip D. Kessack
Cleanup Standards at Petroleum Sites

Chapter 17: John K. Keller
Legal Aspects of Geophysical Exploration

Chapter 18: David E. Pierce
Royalty Calculation in a Restructured Gas Market

Chapter 19: Elizabeth A. McClanahan
Oil and Gas Update – Not available online

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