Chapter 1: Rebecca A. Betts
Criminal Intent in the Regulatory Context: A Post-Staples Study in Supreme Court Precedent

Chapter 2: Richard M. Edmonson, Martin R. Jelliffe and Kimberly N. Holwand
Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) — A Primer

Chapter 3: O. Judson Scheaf
Easement Basics: A Primer on Easements in Oil and Gas Exploration and Production

Chapter 4: William L. Althen and Mark A. Carter
Civil v. Criminal Contempt: What Process Is Due?

Chapter 5: Robert A. Johnson
Some Aspects of Vicarious Liability for Coal Industry Employee Benefits

Chapter 6: Gregory B. Robertson
The National Labor Relations Board and Union Organizing

Chapter 7: David J. Hardy and Maris E. McCambley
Liability of Owners Under the Federal Mine Safety and Health Act of 1977

Chapter 8: Joseph J. Zaluski and Lesly A. R. Davis
Liabilities of Non-Permit Holders Under the Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act

Chapter 9: Sandra Riggs and Marshall S. Peace
Regulation of Oil and Gas Operations When They Occur on a SMCRA Permit Site

Chapter 10: Christopher B. Power
Case Law Update

Chapter 11: Edward M. Green, Lisa A. Price, Patrick C. McGinley, D. Michael Miller and G. Milton McCarthy
The Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act of 1977: New Era of Federal-State Cooperation or Prologue to Future Controversy?

Chapter 12: Professor Phillip E. Norvell
Dormancy Mineral Legislation: A Cure for the Malady or Another Affliction?

Chapter 13: Patrick D. Deem and John C. Stump
Title Opinions Covering Mineral Properties

Chapter 14: Professor Roy Ryden Anderson
Measuring Producers’ Forward Damages for Breach of Long-Term Gas Supply Contracts

Chapter 15: Kevin C. Abbott and John T. Boyd II
Money for Nothing — Shut-in Royalty Clauses in Oil and Gas Leases

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