Rodney L. Bean, Douglas G. Lee and C. David Morrison
The Family and Medical Leave Act, The Americans with Disabilities Act, and Workers’ Compensation: An Employer’s Survival Guide

Chapter 2: Thomas C. Means and Harold P. Quinn, Jr.
Liability of Parent Corporations for the Operations of Their Subsidiaries in the Minerals Industry

Chapter 3: John R. Woodrum and W. Gregory Mott
Allocating Responsibility for Unknown Liabilities in Stock and Asset Transactions: Lessons from the Coal Industry Retiree Health Benefit Act

Chapter 4: Ellen S. Cappellanti and Eric L. Burk
Transacting Business with Bankruptcy Debtors and Trustees

Chapter 5: Francis J. Mellen, Jr.
Disclosure Obligations Under the Securities Laws Concerning Potential Environmental Liabilities

Chapter 6: D. Marsh Prause
Environmental Auditing: Stuck Between a Progressively Softer Rock and a Hard Place

Chapter 7: Maureen D. Carman
Regulatory and Transactional Bonding: A Primer on Surety Bonding for the Mineral Lawyer

Chapter 8: James A. Lastowka
Walking the MSHA Investigation Tightrope — Implementing an Effective Inspection Management Plan

Chapter 9: David M. Flannery, James N. Christman, Lisa S. Spickler and Kristy A. N. Bulleit
Water Quality Standards: Their Development and Application to Natural Resource Activities

Chapter 10: Robert G. McLusky and M. Shane Harvey
Recent Permitting and Enforcement Measures to Combat Acid Mine Drainage — Are They in Contravention of SMCRA?

Chapter 11: Christopher B. Power and Blair M. Gardner
OSM’s Applicant Violator System: Recent Developments, Continuing Uncertainty

Chapter 12: Minturn T. Wright, III
Termination of a Coal Lease by the Lessee

Chapter 13: Dennis J. Grindinger
Various Structures for Shifting Section 29 Credits from Producer to Investor

Chapter 14: Edward G. Hawkins and Robert L. Carson, Jr.
Management of Tort Risks in Oil and Gas Exploration, Development, and Production

Chapter 15: David E. Pierce
Oil and Gas Development Obligations Under the Oil, Gas, and Gas Storage Lease

Chapter 16: Kevin L. Sykes
Hidden Provisions of Oil and Gas Leases or “You Can’t Fool Me — There Ain’t No Sanity Clause”

Chapter 17: Patrick H. Martin
The Courts and the Commissions: Recent Developments in Judicial Review of Oil and Gas Agency Orders

Chapter 18: George A. Patterson, III
Is a Gas Purchase Agreement Subject to UCC Section 2-306?

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