Chapter 1: John H. Tinney and Robert A. Lockhart
The Duty of Candor: Where Were the Lawyers and Why Didn’t They Come Forward?

Chapter 2: Roger J. Marzulla
What Happened to the Constitution in Environmental Proceedings? – Not available online

Chapter 3: Edward M. Green and Stephanie V. Corraro
Rules Without Rulemaking – A Wrongheaded Approach – Not available online

Chapter 4: James C. Smith
Ownership and Use of Subterranean Space

Chapter 5: Richard Horder and Edwin S. Schwartz
Takings and Takings: The Conflict Between the Endangered Species Act and Property Rights

Chapter 6: Ann F. Hammersmith and Ronald E. Meisburg
Employee Benefit Plans and the Americans with Disabilities Act

Chapter 7: Michael B. Victorson and James S. Chase
Risk Allocation: How to Interpret Insurance and Indemnification Provisions in Mining Contracts

Chapter 8: David Hardymon and Mark Kuster
An Overview of Commercial Arbitration

Chapter 9: Kevin C. Abbott and Sharon O. Flanery
The Use of Minitrials in Mineral Disputes

Chapter 10: Jeff A. Woods
The Continuing Viability of Subjacent Support and Subsidence Waivers: Fact or Myth

Chapter 11: Lori Mason Eddy and Maris E. McCambley
Legal Implications of Mine Closings

Chapter 12: Marvin O. Young
Questions Arising Under Percentage Royalty Clauses in Coal Mining Leases – Not available online

Chapter 13: Mark N. Savit and Michael F. Duffy
Resolution of MSHA Disputes – The Need for Change and Suggestions for a More Productive Approach

Chapter 14: Maxwell P. Barret, Jr.
The Theory of Nuisance as an Impediment to Mine Operations

Chapter 15: Steven P. McGowan
Coal Law Update – Not available online

Chapter 16: Phillip Wm. Lear
Scheduled but not received

Chapter 17: Kevin A. Nelson
The China Syndrome Revisited – Local Regulation of Underground Injection Wells and Responses Thereto

Chapter 18: Mark J. La Fratta
Drafting Power Purchase Agreements with Independent Power Producers

Chapter 19: R. Neal Pierce and Sharon O. Flanery
Orphans, Foundlings, and Wards of the State: Plugging Liability for Orphaned and Abandoned Wells in the Eastern United States

Chapter 20: David N. Flannery and Kathy G. Beckett
Abandoned Well Regulatory Initiatives: An Examination of Recently Enacted Legislation in the Eastern United States

Chapter 21: Robert J. Shostak
The Prosecution and Defense of a Water Well Contamination Case

Chapter 22: Wesley A. Cramer
Plugging Oil and Gas Wells: Who’s in Control – Lessor or Lessee? Are Some Pennsylvania Courts Changing the Rules?

Chapter 23: Gregory M. Travalio
Measuring Seller’s Damages for Breach of Long-Term Gas Purchase Agreements

Chapter 24: Tammy J. Owen
Selected Legal Issues Concerning the Transfer of Operatorship of Oil and Gas Properties

Chapter 25: Robin Smith Hoke
Chapter 11 Issues in Joint Operations – Not available online

Chapter 26: David D. Noble
Ten Years of Federal Underground Gas Storage Condemnations

Chapter 27: Steven P. Quarles
Wetlands and Other Water Problems: A Timber Industry Perspective – Not available online

Chapter 28: Gary G. Stevens
Dealing with Environmental Contingencies in Public and Private Timber Sale Contracts

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