Chapter 1: Ralph A. Jacobs and Elizabeth S. Chamberlin
The Lawyer’s Role in a Company’s Response to a Major Fire, Spill or Hazardous Materials Emergency

Chapter 2: Jack C. Bender
The Duty to Disclose Latent Environmental Hazards in Mineral Property Transactions

Chapter 3: Frederick P. Andes, Theodore L. Freedman, and Jonathan Lipson
Minimizing Environmental Liabilities in Winding Down an Operating Subsidiary

Chapter 4: Laura D. Keller and Thomas N. Jersild
Management and Disposal of Coal Ash from an Environmental Perspective

Chapter 5: Daniel L. Stickler and Erin Magee
The National Bituminous Coal Wage Agreement of 1993 and the Memorandum of Understanding Regarding Job Opportunities: Is “Double-Breasting” Dead?

Chapter 6: Chauncey S.R. Curtz
Market Price Reopeners in Long-Term Coal Supply Contracts: The Lessons of Recent Litigation and Arbitration

Chapter 7: J. Michael Klise and Thomas C. Means
Double Jeopardy Under the Federal Mine Safety and Health Act

Chapter 8: Michael T. Heenan, Lynn M. Rausch and Anna M. Dailey
Vicarious Liability for Contract Mine Operations: Expanding Liability for Mineral Owners and Lessees

Chapter 9: Owen L. Anderson
Drilling for Black Gold Under the Model Form Drilling Contracts

Chapter 10: Sean Cassidy
Horizontal Division of Oil and Gas Leaseholds

Chapter 11: Tom R. Mason
The Yeas and Nays of Implying a Duty on a Producing Oil and Gas Lessee to Explore the Lease Further

Chapter 12: Russell W. Hawkins
The COPAS Exhibit: An Operational Perspective

Chapter 13: Nicholas J. Parrish
Limiting a Lessor’s Free Gas Usage When the Lease Does Not Provide a Numeric Limitation

Chapter 14: Bruce M. Kramer
Liability to Royalty Owners for Proceeds from Take-Or-Pay and Settlement Payments

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