Chapter 1: David J. Laurent, Michael D. Glass, Ethan D. Fogel and Joseph A. O’Connor
Successor Liability Under the Coal Industry Retiree Health Benefit Act of 1992

Chapter 2: Marco M. Rajkovich, Jr.
MSHA Partnership Agreements: A New Approach Toward Enforcement

Chapter 3: J. Michael Klise
Standing to Challenge Regulations Under Mining and Environmental Statutes

Chapter 4: David M. Flannery and Marcus A. Spatafore
Ozone Transport: Will Midwest and Southeast Utilities Have to Pay to Clean Up Air in the Northeast?

Chapter 5: Joseph M. Brooker
Spinoffs, Spindowns and Gradualized Unbundling: An Examination of the Past, Present and Future of Natural Gas Gathering in the Appalachian Producing Region

Chapter 6: Kevin C. Abbott
Gas Purchase Contracts Today: A Whole New Ballgame

Chapter 7: Michael F. McBride
The Nuts and Bolts of Railroad Transportation Contracts

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