Chapter 1: David E. Pierce
Breaking with Tradition: Exercising Professional Judgment when Drafting Oil and Gas Documents

Chapter 2: Ramonda C. Lyons, Joseph L. Jenkins and Angela Ramsey
Recent Developments in the Law and Regulation of Oil and Gas Pipeline Infrastructure

Chapter 3: Donald C. Sinclair II
Evaluation of Industrial Noise in the Oil and Gas Industry

Chapter 4: Peter A. Lusenhop, Ilya Batikov and Jessica Knopp Cunning
Equitable and Statute of Limitations Defenses to Lease Expiration Claims

Chapter 5: Armando F. Benincasa
The Congressional Review Act and Its Impact on the Regulated Community

Chapter 6: Arthur M. Wolfson
Are Administrative Law Judges an Endangered Species?

Chapter 7: James E. Mackler
Legal Considerations for Implementing an Unmanned Aircraft Program

Chapter 8: Beth R. Minear and Jeromia Stinson
From Railroads to Rights-of-Way

Chapter 9: Jonathan A. Wolfson and Samuel L. Tarry, Jr.
Re-Litigating History: Louisiana Wetland Cases and State-Level Litigation to Re-Regulate Environmental Activities

Chapter 10: Sean Cassidy
Liability of Abstractors and/or Attorneys for Title Claims

Chapter 11: James (“Jay”) A. Carr II and Michael K. Vennum
Comparative Analysis of Unique Title Materials

Chapter 12: Henry R. Pollard, V
Coastal Flooding and Sea Level Rise for Energy and Mineral Facilities: Ripple Effects or Sea Change?

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