On Demand Webinar Ethics: Implicit Bias in the Law Firm Setting

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Implicit Bias refers to when we have attitudes toward people or associate stereotypes without our conscious knowledge based on factors such as race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, and age. This presentation will address how discrimination is viewed in the model ethical rules, the ABA efforts to emphasize discrimination as professional misconduct, the recent Bostock decision extending employment protections to LGBTQ persons, and answer questions such as how does implicit/unknown bias affect hiring and other personnel decisions? How do implicit biases become subjective factors that influence objective employee evaluation categories? (e.g. associates may be evaluated based on an objective standard of hours billed, but how do partner biases influence the work they are given and projects they are involved in that then generate these hours?). What are best practices for addressing implicit bias in yourself and in the workplace?

Presented by:

  • Donald C. Bluedorn, II, Esq. – Babst Calland
  • Jennifer S. Park, Esq. – Dentons Cohen & Grigsby
  • Susan Yohe, Esq. – Pittsburgh Legal Diversity & Inclusion Coalition



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